1. Kontakt TLS L 1.3  verschlüsselt

Akzeptiert Anhänge bis zu 15 MB.Wer eine Antwort will, sollte eine Mailadresse hinterlassen 

Attachments up to 15 MB. Please leave a mail address if you expect an answer



Public Key 0x656fe20036c0bec5   fingerprint: B77F A20F 6806 910D 116A 3970 656F E200 36C0 BEC5
Signal on request. On Twitter pse kontakt speaker @harkank @harkank@chaos.social in the fediverse.

OE3EMB radio communications

QRV on 40/20/17/15/10 meters in SSB, 80m antenna under construction.  Drop me an e-mail for a sked on a band of your choice.  Also available via echolink node OE1XUU Vienna [dial: 6406]  mostly in the evenings. More on OE3EMB and the junkyard antenna project coming sooner or later on QRZ.COM

QSL card design by Zazie, production atrox.