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PGP-Mail erich[at]moechel[dot]com

Public Key 0x2440DE65  fingerprint: A564 1457 71C3 E907 6D78 429E 76F3 C66E 2440 DE65
Signature OTR key.  Jabber account on request., as well as Cryptocat and Minibox based  communications.

OE3EMB radio communications

Currently QRV  from 40 to 6 Meters in SSB.  Drop me mail for a sked on a band of your choice.  I am also available via echolink node OE1XUU Vienna [dial: 6406]  after 22.00 UTC More on OE3EMB and the junkyard antennae project soon on QRZ.COM

QSL card design by Zazie, production atrox.